S4 E31 - What A Beautiful Voo (with Katie Thistleton)

S4 E31 - What A Beautiful Voo (with Katie Thistleton)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 3 August

Toby could at least put all that pickle to a good use and make everyone a Ploughman's...

Katie Thistleton is here with Kem and Arielle for our morning debrief - and she's got a lot of responsibility on her shoulders because it's mad chaotic in that villa at the moment.

It seems like the main lesson that our Islanders are learning at the moment is 'you don't know what you've got til it's gone'... we're looking at you Toby, Liam, and Tyler...

Some of the moves we saw in last night's episode were pulled straight from the Year 8 playbook: texting each other across the room, passing notes and telling everyone you like a girl (but without telling the girl herself). Tbh, kinda obsessed with it.

Have we ever seen so many Casa Amor Islanders get pied off in one go before? At this rate, they're all going to start cracking on with each other. It's shaping up to be a very interesting recoupling... and the girls are choosing. It's all to play for in tonight's episode.

It's Crush Club day - so we attempt to get you coupled up in real life. If you have a crush that you want us to shout out next week - you can email us at themorningafter@itv.com. While you're there, chuck us your dilemmas and we will get Olivia Attwood to solve it for you tomorrow morning.

To be fair, writing a love letter on kitchen roll is probably a good idea - adorable AND absorbent (well, maybe not adorable in Liam's case...)
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