151 Hatty Ashdown - We Had Her At 'Farmer'

151 Hatty Ashdown - We Had Her At 'Farmer'

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 4 August

To say the gang was excited to welcome this week's guest is a complete understatement, as comedian Hatty Ashdown is a good friend of the entire DWSC team and a cracking detective to boot! 

Hatty joins us with a tale in which you can decide if she was the victim of a stealth-like grifter, or whether good ol' English manners (repression) was the real perpetrator?

Either way, this story is an education in many other ways which you are unlikely to forget. 

The team then digs deep into a case, the location of which gets Catoe cock-a-hoop and will have you booking a trip to St Albans in a flash ... just watch out for spooky goings-on on the A5. 

And this week's listener crime is a story that is genuinely the start of pretty much every horror movie ever made ... 

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