S4 E34 - Yeah, We're Done (with Tolly T and Steff Todd)

S4 E34 - Yeah, We're Done (with Tolly T and Steff Todd)


Love Island: The Morning After

Friday, 6 August

Hope that popcorn's sweet - because the Islanders are going to be salty after watching those movies...

Our brilliant friend Tolly T is here this morning with Kem and Arielle for our debrief after last night's *eventful* episode.

We said goodbye to a quartet of Islanders last night - Amy, Clarisse, Sam and our OG boy Hugo. Kem's heart is breaking a little bit this morning - we all know how much of a thing he had for Hugo... but hey, maybe there's a future there for Hugo and Amy outside the villa? If not, Kem will happily take him out on a date to the zoo.

Our Islanders spent most of the day being all loved up - snogging in the pool, talking about the future, discussing their NVQ qualifications... then, boom - pure chaos. Movie night has deffo been more horror than rom-com so far - and from the looks of that preview, it's only going to get scarier. We'll be there for the sequel at 9pm tonight.

The Morning After's resident impressionist Steff Todd also pops in to give us her lowdown on the week and to do some of her incredible Islander impersonations - just you wait til you hear her Mary, unbelievable.

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Bet Mary's secretly thrilled that she's still sleeping in the other room on her own. Yeah, cuddles with someone you fancy is cool, but sharing a room with seven farty boys? No thanks.
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