S4 E35 - Please Alliterate (with Snoochie Shy and Sideman)

S4 E35 - Please Alliterate (with Snoochie Shy and Sideman)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 7 August

Good to know that Toby achieved his NVQ so quickly, he must be really passionate about his studies.

Snoochie Shy is with Kem and Arielle for our Saturday morning debrief - and tbh, we're glad she's here because that episode was a lot. Can we all just take some deep breaths and use our inside voices please?!

We saw the end of the Mad Movies challenge last night - our Islanders were shown some more clips of their time in the villa... the aftermath was very tense - and it led to Faye calling time on things between her and Teddy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of words that would be far too rude to say at this time in the morning.

Jake's *words of encouragement* to the boys during Casa Amor were finally revealed to the girls, and Lib was left feeling very vulnerable after hearing what Jake said about her in the early days of their relationship. Oh, just wish we could go in and give her a big hug and tell her she's gorgeous.

In more positive news, Liam's back in bed with Millie, Chloe and Toby are just vibin' away from all the drama, and Matt had a lovely time eating a big bowl of popcorn all to himself. It's the little things, guys.

As it's Saturday - it is of course time for the JD Graft Off with the one and only Sideman. Kem's back in the game for the first time in a couple of weeks, but Arielle is still in the lead, and it's time to decide which Islanders have been laying it on the thickest this week.

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Here's to hoping that Teddy doesn't roll over and snap his sunglasses in his sleep. We can't see him go through another break up :(
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