Episode 45: Hello Traveler

Episode 45: Hello Traveler

By Jarod K. Anderson

Thoughts about loving ourselves in an imperfect world in a strange tavern on a dark hill.

Thanks to Andrew Collins for the use of his song Farewell my Old Friend. I borrowed it with his permission from a 2020 YouTube performance. I just love Andrew’s playing. Find out more about his music and check out his mandolin lessons at www.andrewcollinstrio.com.

 Hidden lore poetry by Eric Fisher Stone. Eric Fisher Stone is a poet and writing tutor from Fort Worth, Texas. He received his MFA in writing and the environment from Iowa State University. His poetry collection, The Providence of Grass, was published by “Chatter House Press” in 2018. His second poetry collection, Animal Joy, is forthcoming from “WordTech Editions” in October 2021.

I recently put out a call for help on social media asking folks to contribute to my work via Patreon or Ko-Fi and I have received a truly awe-inspiring amount of support. I’d like to specifically thank Jennifer Reed for her generosity in joining my Patreon at the CryptoNaturalist level. You are exceedingly kind.


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