S4 E36 - The Student Has Become The Master (with Will Njobvu, Hugo, Amy, Clarisse and Sam)

S4 E36 - The Student Has Become The Master (with Will Njobvu, Hugo, Amy, Clarisse and Sam)


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 9 August

Look on the bright side, at least it's way nicer to be kicked out of a club by Laura Whitmore than a scary bouncer.

We're starting off the week with the wonderful Will Njobvu - he's giving Arielle and Kem a run for their money for being the ultimate Love Island fan.

Last night, Laura crashed the party at the Island Vibes Club. Two of our Islanders will not be returning to the villa after the party and we're going to find out who that's going to be tonight - but one thing's for sure... our Islanders are going to have to make some very difficult decisions.

In the loved up camp we have: Milliam (who are now official), Chloby (who have been doing some early morning under the covers activity), Kyler (the door is wide open) and Jiberty (who seem to have worked things out after Mad Movies-gate)

Meanwhile, Dale and Mary have agreed to take things slowly and Faye is insisting that things are finished between her and Teddy :( Our single pringles Abi and Matt are just living life and staying out of the drama, enjoy the holiday guys!

We also have a quadruple whammy of Islanders on the podcast this morning! Hugo, Amy, Clarisse and Sam are here for a good old catch up. Did Sam and Clarisse feel disappointed with what went down post-Casa Amor? Is there a coffee date on the cards for Hugo and Amy?!

Tomorrow, it will be time to head down to the club... the CRUSH Club - as we will be giving you the opportunity to shout out your crush right here on the podcast. If you want to join in, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com.

Can't believe we're saying this but - does anyone know if Toby is available for life coaching sessions?
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