S4 E37 - I'm A Weapon (with Kamilla Rose)

S4 E37 - I'm A Weapon (with Kamilla Rose)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 10 August

We're sad to say there will be no podcast episode this morning. ONLY WINDING YOU UP! See, Chloe, you can't just play with people's emotions like that!

Megababe Kamilla Rose joins Kem and Arielle for this morning's debrief - we're so happy she's here (even if she thinks friendship bracelets are a bit high school-ish - sorry Kem!)

Last night we said adiós to Abi and Dale - we're going to miss them a lot... but did anyone else think they looked kinda hot as a couple when they were leaving?!

We also said hola to newbies Priya and Aaron! They surprised some of our Islanders with an invitation for a couple of dates. Charcuterie boards and a nice cold drink? There's nothing like cured meats to cure a broken heart - eh, guys?!

The vibe from Faye is starting to hint that she's missing Teddy... in the preview for tonight's episode it sounded a bit like there *might* be an apology on the cards. Either way, we're hoping that things can at least be friendly between them, we don't like seeing anyone upset :(

It's Crush Club day! We have an update from an email we read out last week - have we had another success story?! If you want to ask someone out here on the podcast, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com - and while you're there, chuck us all your problems and we'll get Liv Attwood to solve them tomorrow. Cheers.

Matt said that Priya was perfect! Tbh - he should have just pulled a Kem and said I love you on the first date. Works every time.
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