152 Esme Young & The Worst Woman on Earth

152 Esme Young & The Worst Woman on Earth

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 11 August

This week's episode sees Taylor, Catie and Hannah welcome another note-taker to the force in the form of designer and presenter of BBCs Sewing Bee, Esme Young!

Yes, Esme proves early on to be one of the ablest detectives we've seen on the show and also someone who seems to be of the opinion to forgive and forget if her own crime story is anything to go on. 

The team then cracks a case and decides if the main protagonist really is the 'worst woman on earth' and how low does the bar has to be set to earn that title. 

We then hear from a listener who needs some advice on if a ubiquitous presence in her life is that of coincidence or a stalker with a great ability to act surprised...

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