S4 E39 - Prom Night (with Shaughna Phillips)

S4 E39 - Prom Night (with Shaughna Phillips)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 12 August

Our thoughts are with those who watched last night's episode with members of their family.

It's Throwback Thursday, baby! We have the one and only Shaughna Phillips on the podcast this morning to get her low down on this year's villa action and also to take a trip down memory lane to Series 6.

We had a surprise recoupling last night - which all led up to Priya having to make a difficult decision between Matt and Brett. But our Islanders all saw Matt out of the villa in style by all waving him off wearing their fedoras. We'll miss you Matt!

There was a fair bit of synchronised -er- shenanigans in the bedroom last night. Maybe it was a bit cold in there and they all had to warm up? Or maybe it was one of those nights where you just can't get comfortable no matter what position you lie in? Either way, the girls looked lovely at their graduation ceremony... aww, we are so proud of them - get those qualifications!

And we're going to have to talk about that preview. It looked a bit like Liberty could be having doubts... we will have to tune in to ITV2 at 9pm tonight to find out the fate of Jiberty. Eeek!

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Right, going to do some morning yoga now. Apparently, if you sit crossed legged with your eyes closed for long enough a fit boy will come over and make you an iced coffee. Worth a shot, isn't it?
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