How Washington Now Works

How Washington Now Works

By The New York Times

The Daily

Thursday, 12 August

On Tuesday, the United States Senate approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill — the largest single infusion of federal funds into infrastructure projects in more than a decade. It was a bipartisan vote, with 19 Republicans voting alongside the Democrats. 

Soon after, the Senate passed a more expansive budget plan  — this time along party lines. 

What do these two votes tell us about how Washington is working today?

Guest: Emily Cochrane, a reporter covering Congress for The New York Times. 

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Background reading: 

Approval for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill came after months of negotiations and despite deficit concerns, reflecting an appetite in both parties for the long-awaited spending package.The blueprint for a $3.5 trillion budget, with scope to expand health care, provide free preschool and community college and fund climate change programs, passed along party lines and faces an arduous path ahead.

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