S4 E41 - Bed's Completely Broke (with Cuppy and Sideman)

S4 E41 - Bed's Completely Broke (with Cuppy and Sideman)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 14 August

How's Priya going to have time to finish medical school AND complete her NVQs? That's a heck of a lot of studying.

We've got Cuppy joining us for the Saturday morning debrief! She's the ultimate Love Island stan and we are here for it (we're also here for the fact that she brought some furry friends to the podcast too!)

Last night - our Islanders found out how the public had ranked them and it (of course) led to a few awkward moments. Does it matter what the public think? Can that start to change the way you feel about someone in there... feels like we might find out very soon.

Jake and Liberty had another jittery day - however, last night's episode ended with him saying I love you to her. HOWEVER - the preview for tomorrow night's episode kinda threw that all up in the air, because it looks like the girls were having a bit of an intervention with Liberty around the firepit. Well, that's all we're going to be able to think about all weekend, isn't it?!

Millie and Liam are on the cusp of saying those three words themselves, but they are not quiiiiiiite ready yet. Will they make it offish soon?

Meanwhile, Chloe and Toby are on a two person mission to dismantle all the furniture in the villa - and they started with their bed. We're going to blame it on the bedtime boogie...

And we're rounding off the week with our favourite alpha male Sideman in this week's JD Graft Off. Arielle is currently in the lead - as we head into the last couple of weeks, can Kem do anything to avoid a crushing defeat?

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What you doing this weekend? Oh nothing. Just vibin' ;)
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