210: Tim Bain on kids' TV, surrogacy, and sexy kangaroos

210: Tim Bain on kids' TV, surrogacy, and sexy kangaroos

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 17 August

Is it time to call bullsh*t on the gender split in kids' TV? What's it like to have babies with the help of a surrogate? And how do you get fired by Bluey? Answering all these questions is the awesome Tim Bain! 

He tells us about his career writing children's telly shows, and what it's like to come up with jokes for everyone from the Go Jetters to MC Hammer. Plus, find out what's really going on in Pontypandy, as Tim gives us an exclusive Fireman Sam reveal that will blow your mind. We also hear what it was like to be one of the first gay couples to get married in the UK, and Tim's experience of having kids. 

Do check out Tim's latest show on Nick Jr. or visit kangaroobeach.tv. You can find his website at timbain.com. 

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