S4 E43 - I Can Have a Coffee and a Biscuit (with Pips Taylor and Matthew)

S4 E43 - I Can Have a Coffee and a Biscuit (with Pips Taylor and Matthew)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 17 August

It's like the old saying goes; cheese and wine will make her feel fine, coffee and a biscuit will give her the ick.

Pips Taylor (aka The Cheese Chomper) is here with Kem and Arielle for our morning debrief today!

They were officially the villa's most intelligent couple - but they just couldn't get past their difference of opinion on cheese... and so we sadly waved goodbye to Priya and Brett and their Love Island no-mance.

And while we're talking about Priya - she casually pressed the chaos button when she left the villa last night by telling Faye that she and Brett didn't vote for Faye and Teddy as the least compatible couple - which has massively narrowed down who voted for them. By the looks of things, it's going to ge *quite* heated between Faye and Jake tonight.

It's our honour to welcome Hat Wearer of the Year 2021 - Matthew is here on the podcast this morning, and lets us know if he thinks Priya might have made the wrong decision now that she's been dumped (spoiler alert: yes, he does) and which other girl he had his eye on... it's juicy goss, guys.

We're sad to report that the Crush Club will be closing it's doors for this series after this morning - but not before we head down there to see who of you lot have been crushing hard this week, though! If you have any love problems that you need solving, you have one last chance to get them in to Olivia Attwood, so email us at themorningafter@itv.com and she could solve it for you tomorrow morning right here on the podcast.

Maybe now Priya's back off to medical school she might be able to work on a vaccine for the ick? She could help a lot of people out with that...
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