6: Rasputin

6: Rasputin

By Audioboom Studios

This week Hanako takes us on a randy romp across Siberia with Russia’s mad monk RA-RA-RASPUTIN!

TW: sexual assault references at 36:45 - 38:53

This might just be our FAVOURITE episode yet so be sure to tune in for some real life Spiritual F*ckboyery...

Expect thirteen inch members, the anti-christ, wild orgies and a man that is harder to kill than a goddamn cockroach.

So join us as we get down and dirty with the lover of the Russian queen! Vashe zdorov’ye!

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We’re coming for you...
Love, Hanako, Kath & Hannah xx

Edited by the glorious Karen Bevan for Audioboom Studios.

Artwork by the very sexy Katharine Orchard.

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