DWSC LIVE: With Sarah Kendall

DWSC LIVE: With Sarah Kendall

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 8 September

The gals are live and unleashed again, as the residency at The Museum of Comedy continues into its second month, and joining Hannah, Catie, and Taylor in front of a lively crowd is writer, actor and comedian, Sarah Kendall!

Sarah gets things going with some stories which link together a family trait that will have you opting for public transport over a chance meeting with one of them on a highway.

The team then really get their teeth into a case which will either make you weirdly hungry or a vegetarian for life and we hear from a member of the audience about something which happened to them on their honeymoon and fun fact guys, the person you hear is none other than our Catie's pen pal!

If you missed out on tickets to this show, you can catch the team at the Underbelly Festival 2021, in London's Cavendish Square on 17th September - for full info and tickets go to: underbellyfestival.com

and of course, the residency continues throughout the autumn head to museumofcomedy.com.

You can also get extra content, shout outs and MORE on the DWSC Patreon page - patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime

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