Kinescope Captain Video 1949 Dumont Network

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

By John Siuntres

Kinescope Captain Video 1949 Dumont Network

Wednesday, 8 September

Welcome to Kinescope. A podcast dedicated to the history of live television
from the 1940s to the early 60s . I'm your co-host john siuntres. together
with Gabriel Hardman each week we'll look at the formative years of television
before the invention of video tape. this era of TV helped start the careers
of many famous actors writers directors and producers.

this week we look at Captain Video from 1949 on the Dumont network.
Capt video was the first original sci-fi hero,
created specifically for televison.

Each week we will choose epsisodes of televsion available to watch for free
at youtube. Think of Kinescope as a video book club where we'll tell
you a week in advance the subject of our next podcast discussion

Like our subjects of discussion The Kinescope Podcast is performed live on the
Word Balloon YouTube channel. If you wish to comment or ask us
questions join us Every Thursday Night at 930pm Pacific, 1130pm central
and 1230am Eastern
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