S3. E1. Apollo Under The Sun! With Stephen Fry.

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

S3. E1. Apollo Under The Sun! With Stephen Fry.

Thursday, 9 September

Welcome back!

Today we have questions from Jack, Penelope and Charlotte with help from our wonderful guest expert Stephen Fry.


Stephen Fry is the voice of Harry Potter and Paddington and is a renowned brain box and brilliant actor, creator and genius!


Stephen takes on a question about Apollo and why the Greeks and Romans had different names for all the gods, except Apollo! He kindly reminds listeners that even grown ups don't know EVERYTHING!


Next up Penelope would love to know where the first library in the world was? We discuss the ancient library made of clay tablets in Ninevah, in the part of the world we now called Iraq. We found out how it is now at the British Museum and how it gave us the idea of libraries.


Apollo was also the god of the sun, so we have a lovely question from Charlotte about why the sun bleaches our hair a lighter colour!

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Molly Oldfield studied History at Oxford before becoming a QI elf, writing and researching questions for the BBC quiz show for twelve years. She has written four books. They are The Secret Museum, a book about all the things that are in museums that rarely, if ever, go on display; Wonders of the World’s Museums filled with things you can see, and Natural Wonders of the World about all kinds of creatures and places on our beautiful planet we call home.

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With thanks to Stephen Fry, Tyler Simmons Dale, Ash Gardner, Billy Colours.



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