The benefits of physical health on mental health - Jules Von Hep

The benefits of physical health on mental health - Jules Von Hep

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Sunday, 5 September

Welcome to Health Unwrapped and a fab chat with Jules Von Hep, who is a huge advocate of self-love, optimism, and body acceptance. He founded the cult and global self-tan brand The Isle of Paradise and helps thousands of people every day learn to love themselves and see the joy in life’s wonders via his Insta which we chat all about. 

What we discussed: 

The challenges during the pandemic and the mental issues that arose, despite having the advantages of technology on our side. 

The importance of human connection. 

How his job massively changed and how he didn’t know how to help his clients at first as there were no red carpets for him to help his clients prepare for. 

How he put his efforts into Instagram and social media. 

How this time has given us the opportunity to discuss topics that were previously really hard to speak about

The mental strain Jules felt when lockdown happened as he had been on his fitness plan for about 18 months and had to change it. 

How he tried all the zoom workouts but couldn’t work out in his kitchen as for him exercise is a side step out of reality and needed to find another way to do it.

His body confidence took a real hit as he couldn’t work out how he wanted to and he wasn’t being honest on his socials, and how he then came forward and opened up about it. 

How once he could train outside it made all the difference.

Why we are addicted to endorphins and Jules recommends Alice Living about her addiction to endorphins and gym culture. 

How he is very aware of what is going on in his body. 

The significance of your genetics and accepting your body for what it is.

Why Jules uses Endorphins to clear the fog in his brain.

How we perceive positivity and the importance of awareness in what we are telling ourselves and how we can work on changing our internal dialogue. 

Why exercise has never been marketed for the mental health benefits.

The conversation he had with his first PT about what he wanted to achieve. 

How society has a long way to go in accurately portraying people&aposs wellbeing and how airbrushing and apps aren’t doing us any favours and are incredibly toxic. 

How we see ourselves now is so important, as we are conditioned early on to not like what we see. 

You have to be strict with yourself and reflect on how beneficial social media is - if social media is making you feel bad, come off it. 

Putting time aside for your exercise in your diary to make sure you do it. 

How cooking brings him joy. 

The importance of goal setting - and using long term language like ‘I will’ 

How he learned to implement supplements into his daily routine. 

How he tries to meditate and get better at having downtime and reminding himself how doing nothing is OK. 



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