Exercise as recovery with Alex Marks

Exercise as recovery with Alex Marks

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 9 August

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped, we are in conversation with Alex Marks. Alex is a personal trainer, with 10 year’s experience in the health and fitness industry. He’s an online coach and Founder of On Your Marks personal training studio in southwest London, and a previous contestant on the UK’s version of The Bachelor!! 


What we discussed:

The challenges of lockdown. Alex described a rollercoaster of emotions and how important his exercise has been as it’s one thing he’s been able to have control over. 

How there are always things you can do to scale yourself forward and back in terms of exercise,  regardless of your current position - whether you are recovering from an injury needing to reach out to a Physio, a seasoned athlete, or someone who loves HIT training, running or walking your dog. 

How fitness is more accessible yet it can still be intimidating as social media does feed our anxieties - people comparing where they are to people they see online such as Emily Ratakowski.

The importance of managing expectations and knocking down ‘perceived boundaries’ unless they are physical ones.  

Why Alex feels there aren’t many boundaries that can prevent you from doing something in the exercise realm. 

The importance of good communication in Personal Training.

How by reminding yourself that you control the steps or the seconds in front of you when exercising. 

The power of connecting with your breathing and your heart rate.

How you are anchoring yourself into a position of freedom simply by connecting with movement. 

How much fun it is to create playlists and how music can impact your exercise and your motivation. 

How shared moments with a stranger can lift his mood and improve his day. 

Why you shouldn’t hide your energy. 

How exercise can help trauma by centering. 

How you can get confidence from resistance training.

Why seeing your progress in the numbers can be a good thing as it is a quantifiable way to measure. 

The challenges of working with Post Partum mums.

Why expectations of what can be achieved are so important. 

The importance of Magnesium  - how it aids recovery and sleep.

Alex talks about ‘keeping the furnace burning’ eat meals earlier in the day so you won’t have a full belly in the evening which can lead to a disrupted night&aposs sleep. 

The importance of stretching.

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