Maintaining Focus During Times of Change with Ercan Ramadan

Maintaining Focus During Times of Change with Ercan Ramadan

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Sunday, 25 July

Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, we join Ercan Ramadan to discuss how he kept his focus during the lockdown and about his new personal training business. 


What we discussed: 

How he was keeping active during the lockdown and his routine whilst living in a flat without a garden. 

How he has had to come out of his comfort zone and adjust to what he has available. 

When lockdown first happened he embraced the opportunity to rest and how it gave him the chance to recharge and start his PT course.

How lockdown then got frustrating. 

How lockdown impacted his sleep and started to make him question his purpose. 

His experience of Covid and how he thought he wouldn’t get it as he was young, fit, and healthy and how he got back to normality after being ill. 

Eye health and how Ercan has always had poor eyesight and how much time he has spent on screens during the lockdown. 

How he and Vicky have one hour a day without phones. 

The benefits of Krill Oil. 

How he works out with Vicky. 

What life is like being in the public eye and the pressures of social media? 


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