The secret to beautiful skin - Vicky Pattinson

The secret to beautiful skin - Vicky Pattinson

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Sunday, 27 June

Welcome to Health Unwrapped, in conversation with Vicky Pattinson about her about her beauty regime, body positivity and her experience of being in the public eye for over a decade, riding the highs and the lows of celebrity. 

 What we discussed: 

Her realisation on the impact her job has in defining her as a person and how the pandemic has been a real learning curve.The importance of realising the small things as well as acknowledging the down days and how whilst she missed the fancy showbiz lifestyle, what she missed most was her family.Her and Ercan’s experience having Covid- the sheer exhaustion of how the virus affected them was a real shock as they were in bed for a good two weeks. How her sense of self has changed over the year. How her 30’s have been a significant time of self acceptance. How and why in her 20’s she was perceived to be really angryThe difficult side of reality TV in terms of the restrictions on her personal life. How as you get older you feel less need to be what everyone else wants you to be.How she feels the public perception of beauty has changed.How we should all strive to accept images of all body types. How beauty starts from within.The importance of sleep.What advice she’d give her 23-year-old self and how she really wasn’t given much guidance in the early days.The explosion of reality TV and social media.How she feels about parents having to navigate their children’s exposure to social media.How she feels about the influence of social media.How social media helped her continue to make an income during the pandemic.Why she feels trolls should be named and shamed  - how she is getting better at dealing with them. How she embraced the ‘stay at home’ clothes trend during the lockdown and enjoyed not having the pressures of having to look good… at least for a while. How she is naturally lazy and how her and Ercan have been training for their PT certification and how it’s helped their mental health. How Ercan helped her feel more motivated to train. How exercise is the most under utilised anti-depressant on the planet.How she loves a life hack - so taking her supplements is something she is all over.How her doctor told her about the amount that collagen in your skin drops after 30.How healthy her hair and nails are, especially having gone from brunette to blonde

 Vicky Pattinson
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