The Key to Body Strength with Jade Jones

The Key to Body Strength with Jade Jones

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Sunday, 25 April

Welcome to series 3 of Health Unwrapped and we&aposve got an amazing lineup for you over the next 12 episodes. We&aposre starting with Olympian, European and World  Champion Jade Jones OBE who we got to speak to exactly 100 days ahead of her trip to Tokyo,  where she is heading for the &aposthreepeat&apos. Jade had just returned from the European Championships and had already brought home the first gold. 

What we discussed:

How the delay of Tokyo impacted her as she was actually injured with a slight tear in her knee, so she had time to recover. How she worked one day at a time with her recovery and how she felt during the pandemic.Why the London 2012 Olympics was her best experience and what it was like as a 19-year-old to become an Olympic champion. How she prepared for Brazil and how the pressure really got the better of her before she competed. Competing under pressure and how she motivates herself when she’s feeling downHow she may not always be motivated but she is always committed. Her daily rituals and how journaling helps including pre and post rituals. The importance of a midday nap.How she builds supplements into her routine.How she describes her body as a machine and she knows what she is missing from fuel, sleep or supplements and she always checks what she might be missing. Knowing when to back off if your body is fatigued. What her recovery looks like including hydration and ice baths Why it is so important to know your body and find out what it needs and give yourself a pit stop if you need it. Doing your exercise first thing in the morning is keyThe key to maintaining an active lifestyle is to pick something you enjoy. 


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