Keep fighting fit this winter with the Plant Powered Doctor

Keep fighting fit this winter with the Plant Powered Doctor

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Wednesday, 23 December

Welcome to the final episode in Series 2 of Health Unwrapped, as we speak with Dr Gemma Newman, a UK GP who has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine and has just published her first book &aposThe Plant Power Doctor&apos. We wanted to get some top tips for you to boost your immunity and say fit and well through Winter. 

What you will learn: 

The importance of getting as much as we can from our food such as getting Vitamin C from Oranges, kiwi, peppers, cauliflowers. How Vitamin C can shorten the length of a cold which is why it’s important to have enough of itHow Vitamin D also v.important for our immune health and Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to poor distributors function and the health of middle-age adults . Did you know we only get 10% through our diet?Skin tone is an important consideration as darker than caucasian skin difficult to get what you need in terms of Vitamin DThe impact on stress on our immune system and now not getting enough sleep can also affect things like our microbiome in our gut. Did you know that one day of poor sleep can have a big impact? The importance of sleep and how we need to switch off from all the distractions and light sources. Resting in bed is still good, even if you aren’t sleeping.. just leave the phone alone and try not to get stressed about not sleeping. Should you track your sleep or does it cause more stress?  You can get a bit obsessed with sleep patterns but awareness is great. Zinc is really important - data shows it can help viral replication in cells.  We can get it from beans, lentils, tofu, walnuts Movement is also really important for your immune system - for lymph flow ( the fluid that our immune systems use and our muscles help that flow. The importance of exercising to keep your immune health optimised - how an accountability partner can helpShould you be having a cold shower every day for our immune health - check out Wilm Hoff&aposs cold therapy Did you know - a lot of us eat supplemented food without realising. What vitamins to take if you are eating a plant-based diet, you are over 50 or have diabetes, or celiac disease or other autoimmune conditions. Remember everybody&aposs Algae as a source  for Omega 3 and Iodine and Selenium  - you can also learn about Omega 3 and Krill Oil in this previous episode When it comes to understanding dosages, we talk about what the packages mean and what you should take and whether you can take too much of a supplement also how you know which is a good supplement when you are first buying one  - what should you look for. We discuss the power of Flaxseeds - help keep blood vessels supple, studies show they help reduce blood pressure and they have Omega 3 in them. They are brilliant for them and they can be sprinkled in everything. We also talk about the importance of the mind body connection - your nutrition and your mental health 


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