A skin-ful of goodness with Happy Skin Kitchen

A skin-ful of goodness with Happy Skin Kitchen

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Wednesday, 11 November

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped from Bioglan where we&aposre talking to Elisa Rossi, a recipe developer and blogger. Elisa explains how she changed her diet after suffering from hormonal acne and not getting on with the medication she was given. The results have been life-changing and here Elisa shares her tips and advice on how you can make the changes, which you need to do gradually. 

What you will learn: 

How Elisa started to experience hormonal breakouts after coming off the pill 

She went down a medical route, dermatologists gave her medication and antibiotics which didn’t work for her

Where she started her research on her diet and lifestyle

How she gradually made changes into her lifestyle she was seeing the changes over time

How sleep has an impact and how stress can affect your skin

How to implement the changes into your day to day

Why you need to cook from scratch - stop relying on processed food

How you can make the changes from meat and dairy to a vegan diet, how it is hard and needs to be done gradually to sustain it. 

Her research into links between dairy and skin problems 

How reducing sugar in her diet and stopping the dairy was when she first started to see improvements

The impact skin problems can your confidence when you are dealing with acne

How to focus on simple whole food - tips on &aposveganifying&apos classic dishes and also how to convert your partner

What she learnt from the &aposBioglan’s Tummy Diaries&apos campaign and the &aposAtlas B&apos test

What research is being done into probiotics and skincare health 

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