Rest, Reset and Recovery with Elle Linton

Rest, Reset and Recovery with Elle Linton

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Tuesday, 13 October

In this episode of Health Unwrapped we have a good old chin wag with Fitness Pro Elle Linton. Elle has been championing exercising from home during the pandemic and coming up with innovative ways to keep her audience entertained including her popular &aposRolling with my Foamies&apos session. We talk about the importance of recovery as Elle explains how she looks after herself, gives great tips for staying motivated during the winter months, highlights the importance of sleep and she and talks us through the supplements she uses. 

What we discuss: 

Exercising online has given another level of inclusivityBarriers around exercise and going to the gym or group classesPeople are valuing the flexibility of exercising online as you don’t need to go into the officeExercising outside  and how there’s "No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes"Getting a SAD clock to help you wake up better in the darker monthsHow to be disciplined when exercising at homeWhy consistency is key with exerciseWhy using a foam roller is so important for your recoveryThe benefits of sleep when you are training hard. Listen to your body when deciding how often you train How a woman’s cycle can affect when she trainsThe biggest myth is that every training session has to mean you crawl out of it unable to walk. It doesn’t have to be the norm - a Yin Yoga session or a weight session taking time with your reps are as valuable. The benefits of magnesium supplements including: sleep benefits, period pain, muscle recoveryElle has created an exercise guide with Bioglan which you can access here Supplementation - Elle talks about Active Curcumin Tips for joint discomfort from cycling including supplements, the importance of a bike fit and overall fitnessKeep moving, eat anti-inflammatory foods, enjoy looking after yourself Prevention is better than cure with joint issues Counter exercise low to high impact to protect joints How to get started if you’re still not movingSocial Media:

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