Beneath the Sea, discover the power of Red Krill oil with Aker Marine

Beneath the Sea, discover the power of Red Krill oil with Aker Marine

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Tuesday, 29 September

Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped as we go beneath the sea with Aker Marine, biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, who explain the incredible benefits of Krill Oil and why you should take it. We speak to Thomas Repstad and Tone Gjertsen who explain the nutrients you can get from Krill Oil to support the heart, liver, brain and eye and the difference between Omega fish oil and Krill Oil and we talk about the fishy after taste that puts so many of us off from taking Omega-3.

What we discuss: 

Health benefits of Krill and why take itWhat is Choline and why it is essential and it functions in the body as it’s vital in helping our body, work efficiently Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient that we need  - in 90% of the Western diet we don’t get it enough How it can help the liver as choline is a precursor for lipo-proteins Krill Oil also contains Astaxanthin - an antioxidant Understanding your Omega 3 levels - we’re not eating enough fish on a regular basisThe sustainability of Krill  - the fishery takes just shy of 1% of the biomass in that areaHow Krill doesn’t have the after taste that you might expect in a fish oil tablet - due to the phospholipids, which we explain!One of the biggest reasons people stop taking omega 3 is because of the fishy aftertasteHow to find out if a product is reliable - there should be info on the label, you can ask in store and you can also contact the supplier - Aker Biomarine hear a lot from their consumersSustainability and traceability to where the Krill was harvested and how you can see via where the Krill oil was actually sourced Did you know you can see Krill from space!Long term benefits - there is now proof from 3 clinical trials of how Krill can help hydration and elasticity of your skinPersonal individual effects of supplements 

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