The Importance of Rest and Recovery after training, with Chloe Madeley

The Importance of Rest and Recovery after training, with Chloe Madeley

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 15 June

Welcome to episode eight of Health Unwrapped, where we rejoin Chloe Madely to talk about the importance of rest and recovery in your training. This was another episode recorded before lockdown and who knew how much our exercise routines would have to change, however it has been amazing to see the range of resources that are available for us to continue to maintain our fitness despite all the restrictions. Chloe was keen to talk about the importance of understanding what is happening to your body when you are training and why rest and recovery are so important and what nutrition does to help. 

What we discuss: 

If muscle growth is your goal what you need to do How to best manage your among DOMS and JOINT PAIN How long to train forHydration and how it helps your organs  - 70/80% of your body is waterWhat you should eat before and after your train including warming up and cooling down. Importance of stretching before and after Explanation of mitochondria and how you can help it to be restored with supplementsWhy Sleep is so important for you body Why rest days are essential - to let your body recoverJoin inflammation - how tumeric  can helpThermogenesis - How heat and cold helps your body perform and recoverProtein supplements and how they help  - but what is a decent protein bar.How you should be mindful of the macro nutrient breakdown isThe window of when you need to eat after training or optimal recovery 


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