Training with Chloe Madeley

Training with Chloe Madeley

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 13 April

Welcome to episode five of Health Unwrapped, a somewhat timely episode after the bank holiday weekend as we join fitness guru Chloe Madeley, to talk about training. With most of us currently in lockdown due to COVID-19 Chloe also offers some useful tips on working out at home as well as talking about her gym routine, so be sure to bookmark this episode to listen to again, once we are all able to go back to the gym. 

Chloe has published three books, her latest one is called &aposTransform your body with weights&apos and we talked about the stigma around women and weight training and what she thinks about it. She is currently writing her 4th book  and I wanted to talk to her about her introduction to training. Chloe explained how she hated sport as a kid which is hard to believe when you consider what incredible shape she is in. She also spoke about how much of an impact her training regime has had on her mental health. 

What we discussed: 

How Chloe started running in her late 20’s to help with anxiety (she hated running)  How she learnt to Olympic lift and the impact it had on her self esteemDifferent types of training you can do when weight lifting What is a physique athlete What you can do in 10 minutes and the impact of if on your metabolic rateHow to get started at the gymWho to ask for advice and what you should expectHow to manage the pressure of maintaining looking a certain way What is homeostasis - and how your body tries to get back to it 


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