Supporting your Immunity with Dr Zoe Williams

Supporting your Immunity with Dr Zoe Williams

By Bioglan

Health Unwrapped

Monday, 30 March

Welcome to the first episode of Health Unwrapped, where our host Natalie Silverman talks to Dr Zoe Willams about how best we can look after ourselves whilst we are having to   self isolate. There’s never been a time when it’s been so significant to think about your own immune system and what you can do to boost your immune health .  Dr Zoe talks about how a lot of us are going to get Coronavirus and how most of us will be fine and recover

What we will be discussing is:

The importance of having a diet high in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy sources of omega 3 - oily fish and dairy ( if you’re not vegan or vegetarian ) to make the cells and chemicals it needs to help your body function. If you can&apost access fresh fruit and vegetables then take a multivitaminHow daily regular movement will boost your immunity.The importance of good sleep.How important it is for asthma sufferers to use inhalers properly. Use them how they are prescribed. How stress can have a really negative impact on your immune system. How having a glass of wine a week isn’t going to have an impact but drinking large amounts will. Why now is a better time than ever to stop smoking as for those of us who will get  Coronavirus and progress to getting complications, having quit smoking will help. Immunity is affected by genetics.

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