212: Jarred Christmas on budgies, beatboxing, Hugh Jackman and hating golf

212: Jarred Christmas on budgies, beatboxing, Hugh Jackman and hating golf

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

How do budgies have it off? Is it OK to fancy your father in-law? And what one thing should you always do when pooing at someone else's house? Answering all these questions is the hilarious comedian Jarred Christmas! 

Yes, that is his real name, and if you think that's funny wait till you hear what the rest of his family is called. He tells us about growing up on a military base, being buddies with Hugh Jackman, and embarrassing himself in front of Tom Cruise. 

We discuss why Jarred is disappointed in his kids for not swearing, and his hatred of golf. Plus: are cats c***s? 

NB: Sorry about the budgie noises, especially at the beginning - they do settle down a bit, honest. 

Do go and see Jarred and Hobbit's brilliant show, The Might Kids Beatbox Comedy Show - "It's the best kids' show I've ever seen," says Ellie, and she's seen a lot of that shit. Dates and tickets are over at mightykidsbeatboxcomedy.com.

For more from Jarred go to jarredchristmas.com and follow him on Instagram @jarredchristmascomedian

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