What's The Deal With: Metroid?

What's The Deal With: Metroid?

By Maximum Fun

What's the deal with Metroid? To answer that question, we must turn to series expert Maddy Myers, who explains to Kirk and Jason just what a Metroid is and why it matters. What's the lore behind Samus's baby? What's up with those Chozo? And what do we all need to know before heading into this October's much-anticipated new game Metroid Dread?

One More Thing: 

Kirk: The U.S. Open

Maddy: You Should See The Other Guy (podcast)

Jason: Deathloop


An explanation of Medvedev’s U.S. Open victory “emote”: https://kotaku.com/us-open-tennis-champion-does-video-game-celebration-aft-1847662401

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