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The RomCON -  Ep 1

The RomCON - Ep 1

By Sarah Ferris & Emma Ferris

Episode one, The RomCON, takes us back to where it all began... One swipe to the right. One small, seemingly insignificant flick of the index finger..... Meet my sister, Emma as she takes us back to the fateful day when she swiped right on the profile of Andrew Thomson. He's charming, charismatic, successful and empathetic, everything you look for in a life partner, right? He seemed like the perfect date but by date four the cracks were starting to appear. And they would be the first of many... Dr Sophie Muir, Clinical Psychologist joins us, shining a retrospective light on Emma's story and highlighting the red flags along the way Useful links Join Emma @thebreatheffect on Facebook and Instagram To learn the tools that Emma used to help both survive and thrive through trauma join Emma on one of her amazing online courses. Choose to reset your stress response and rewire your brain over 30 days. The Breath Effect - Dr Sophie Muir - If you have your own true crime story to share please contact us. email: Facebook: conningtheconpodcast Instagram: conningthecon Twitter: conningthecon1 If you believe you have been targeted by a Fraudster then please reach out for help. Many places can help, below are a few to get you pointed in the right direction.  UK: Action Fraud NZ: NZ Government - Scams NZ: Netsafe Australia: Scamwatch US: USA Government - Scams If this topic has got you curious and you want to know more about the art of the con then check out: The Confidence Game: The Psychology of the Con and Why We Fall for it Every Time by Maria Konnikova   Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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