E98: Klarna Founder: From $0 to $46 Billion: Sebastian Siemiatkowski

E98: Klarna Founder: From $0 to $46 Billion: Sebastian Siemiatkowski

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 20 September

Sebastian Siemiatkowski is one of the most successful businessmen in Europe. He is the founder of Klarna, a company that is now worth an incredible $46 billion. Sebastian himself is now worth over $3.6 billion, and what’s more, he’s only just getting started.
Sebastian has been incredibly honest with us on what it takes to succeed and the burdens that come with it. Sebastian started Klarna when he was just 23, he hadn’t finished university and he gave up everything when he promised himself that his business would be the only thing in his life for 6 months.
He’s much older and much wiser now, and Klarna has had incredible growth to become one of the highest valued tech companies in Europe. Today he tells all about his incredible journey and how he got there, opens up on the criticism he’s received, and where Klarna goes from here.
Topics: Your early years  Challenging your employees The start of Klarna The painful moments of Klarna Your relationship with money as a billionaire The death of your father Becoming a father yourself 
Sebastian: https://twitter.com/klarnaseb?lang=bg https://www.instagram.com/sebastiansiemiatkowski/
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