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Health Care on Wheels

Health Care on Wheels

By Optum


Introduction | Callie and Stacey open up the topic of physical access to medical care and provide background information on the state of health care access challenges in the U.S.01:28 Roundtable: Overview of local access | Dr. Cooper, Megan Callahan and Callie dig into transportation as a social determinant of our health and the role Lyft Healthcare is playing to improve health care access.17:17 Roundtable: Follow-up conversation | The discussion continues with  an overview of the relation between transportation challenges and other health equity concerns. 29:55 Optum Mobile Clinic, Utah | Shelly Martin joins Stacey to talk about the Optum mobile clinic in Utah, and the difference it’s making in the community.42:46 Conclusion | Stacey and Callie reflect on the interviews, summarize key learnings, and conclude the episode.


U.S. National Library of Medicine report: Scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the U.S.Mobile health mapHealth equity guidebook



Megan Callahan, President, Lyft Healthcare

Dr. Nicole Cooper, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Affairs, UnitedHealth Group

Shelly Martin, Optum Medical Network Market President, Utah


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