Dinner In The Clink, With Hannah Cunningham

Dinner In The Clink, With Hannah Cunningham

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 22 September

Much fun was had in the making of this episode and a big part of that was this week's crime-solving guest, make-up artist, TV presenter, and star of BBC's Glow-Up, it's Hannah Cunningham AKA Empty Alien, or 'cool' Hannah as she shall now be known, although nothing was cool about the crime she shares at the start of the show, thanks to the creepy man in slacks.

The team then digs deep into a historical crime, which could almost be referred to as highbrow, especially after Taylor displays a latent talent, which although has no use at all, is impressive, to say the least!

We then of course hear from a listener who needs our help in getting to the bottom of a most puzzling display of road rage.

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