14.2 Dame Jenni Murray, Broadcaster

14.2 Dame Jenni Murray, Broadcaster

By Viv Groskop

Fat cow, fat chance? Viv Groskop talks to the writer, journalist and broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray, the former presenter of BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. They talk being nosy, being prepared and why you must NEVER say "tell me about..." They discuss appearance, being criticised by your mother, and Dame Jenni's latest book on the science and psychology of size. Oh, and how she tackled an interview with Hollywood legend Bette Davis on only her second day at Woman's Hour.

Dame Jenni's book Fat Cow, Fat Chance: The Science and Psychology of Size is out now.

Viv's latest book, Lift As You Climb is also out now.




bette davies

science and psychology of size

interview technique

mother critising her appearance

value of preparation

Never say tell me about

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