159 Good Heavens, It's Susie Dent!

159 Good Heavens, It's Susie Dent!

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 29 September

The 'countdown' is almost over, as the DWSC team finally welcomes etymologist and star of one of the UK's longest-running shows 'Countdown' (you can see the brilliant gag we made there) and its comedy, sister show, 'Cats Does Countdown', it is, of course, the one and only, Susie Dent!

As well as giving us some pretty cool word origins, Susie also proved to be a pretty savvy crime solver and hits the nail on the head several times in this episode's stratospheric case, as well as starting us off with a crime that also has more than a hint of nostalgia attached. 

The team then debates a listener story which could also have the hallmarks of a more innocent time ... or something far more sinister might have been at play. 

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