Episode 081 | Celebrating Africa

Episode 081 | Celebrating Africa

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Wednesday, 26 May

In this week’s episode, the mandem sans Kieran have an enriching and honest conversation in celebration of Africa Day (May 25th) with some special guests. Kwame, Steven and Yaf are joined by the founder of Omek, a community centric-platform, Kemo Camara as well as Yaf’s better half, Ms Abi.

 - Weekly What Makes You Smile segment - sharing positive vibes of the week just gone with an African focus for this edition (5:27)

 - Kemo explains some of his earliest memories as a youth growing up in Guinea (17:22)

 - Kwame and Steven underline the importance of respect in a West African household (28:12)

 - The group speak on people from the diaspora living in Europe embracing Africa more and how this has only started to happen in America (41:35) 

 - Lastly, the group touch on what the future for Africa holds (55:25)

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