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Episode 076 | Full Circle

Episode 076 | Full Circle

By Out Of Home Podcast

In this week’s episode, the Homies are really bringing the vibes through on this one. Energy is on 100 for this one from the get-go as the group talk about Lizzie McGuire, animal pairings, greed, Earth Day and so much more. A hilarious episode from start to finish!

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment - sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (4:22)

- The group touch on a recent discussion (The Essence Of Partnership) they hosted online, on a platform called My Omek (14:24)

- The collective speak on greed (in football and business) as a result of the erection of the European Super League, which at the time of recording was thriving and surviving, 24 hours later it was cancelled! (20:27)

- Earth Day is discussed and how it is also linked to greed, the reason why the Earth is in dire straits and how people are affected by this and the role of companies in this (41:33)

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