Episode 069 | "A New Chapter"

Episode 069 | "A New Chapter"

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 4 March

In this week’s episode, the group officially start a new chapter with Kieran in London and Kwame, Steven and Yaf in Amsterdam. After fiddling around with the mechanics of recording across two countries and a LOT of audio equipment, it's easy to see the vibes between the foursome haven't changed one iota.

- The mandem speak about the struggle of recording a 30-sec trailer (5:34)

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment - sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (9:25)

- The collective responds to a question from IG, ‘how to stay inspired in an uninspiring time?' (30:57)

- Kwame sheds light on what he has been working on with ‘The Diversity Collective’ and his goal with that platform (38:00)

- Celebrating World Book Day (4th March in UK & Ireland), the gang get in-depth and speak about some of the books they have been inspired by (48:50)

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