Episode 067 | Lust For Love

Episode 067 | Lust For Love

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Wednesday, 17 February

In this week’s episode, due to public demand the mandem (alongside the lovely Ankita) revisit the theme of Valentines & dating, the first ever-two part special in OOH history! 

Steven clears his name on what was said the week before and there is a healthy discourse above love, lust and a whole lot more.

- WMYS (What Made You Smile) weekly segment returns (3:48)

- Steven dispels rumours after a dating story from the previous episode (16:06)

- The group weigh in on gender-specific terms and using ‘girl/boy’ or ‘woman/man’ (21:36)

- Who should foot the bill on the first date? (31:05)

- The concept of ‘love at first sight’ comes up 48:25

- The conversation ends with a discussion on monogamy vs open relationships (58:35)

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