Episode 062 | For The Boys Who Never Made It

Episode 062 | For The Boys Who Never Made It

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Wednesday, 13 January

In this episode the crew sans Steven discuss mental health in sport. With a focus on football and the academy system Kieran, Kwame and Yaf look at the industry from three perspectives. 

-      WMYS (What Made You Smile), popular segment returns (5:54)

-      -Kieran provides insight into his career in football as a youngster (14:27)

-      The crew hop on a call and speak with former pro, Jonathon Thorpe, on his experiences within football. Jonathan reached out to Kieran after seeing ‘Chasing Shadow’s (44:27)

-      The crew are joined by another guest, Nyall Simms, a PhD student in Sociology of Sport. Nyall provides insight on academic findings of mental health in sport amongst footballers (74:07)

-      The full audio of Chasing Shadows – (103:32)

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