Episode 034 | In House Session | Hernsy Hearns

Episode 034 | In House Session | Hernsy Hearns

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Wednesday, 22 July

In this week’s episode, the group are joined by their first-ever Amsterdam guest, fitness instructor @hernsyhearns. Born in Canada, raised in the Netherlands, playing collegiate sport in America and working in Dubai for a while, Herns has had quite the global experience, adapting to new cultures constantly through sport and education. After starting proceedings with celebratory drinks, WMYS (What Made You Smile) returns (3:29).

Herns speaks about his upbringing in the Biljmer, (20:48) and why the neighbourhood had a bad reputation when he was growing up (30:30). He also speaks on resisting the urge to follow friends down a particular path as his love for football kept him focused. His passion and talent for the beautiful game saw him land a full athletic sponsorship to a college in America, a process that saw him send over 500 emails to prospective universities (43:02).

Herns relives his college experiences, first in Oklahoma (48:45) and then Miami (66:12), coming back to Amsterdam and landing a corporate gig (84:55) before realising he needed to work in sports rather than in an office. After building a reputation in AMS, the next chapter for Herns was an opportunity to work in Dubai (68:30).

A story of persistence and passion, Herns is a celebrated fitness instructor back in Amsterdam who specializes in conditioning, strength training, and spinning, this is an inspiring listen for sure!

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