Sam Conniff

Sam Conniff

By Adrienne Herbert

Power Hour

Tuesday, 5 October

On the show this week we have the brilliant Sam Conniff. Sam is the author of best-selling "modern life-bible" Be More Pirate or How To Take On The World and Win. Co-Founder of Livity, the multi-award-winning social enterprise and youth-led creative Network. A keynote speaker and a consultant; currently Tate & Lyle, Rolex, Red Bull and Mercedes on sustainability and innovation. And his latest project, The Uncertainty Experts, is a powerful three-part interactive documentary scientifically proven to reduce our fear of the unknown, reduce anxiety, increase empathy and improve decision-making and problem-solving. You can find out more at and brilliantly Sam has given us an exclusive code for all Power Hour listeners to use - so type in "POWERHOUR" for 25% off. Thanks Sam!

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