Paths to Recovery

Paths to Recovery

By Optum


Introduction | Callie and Stacey lay the foundation for this episode with some statistics about substance use disorders (SUDs) in America. 01:26 Roundtable: Innovation and progress in SUD treatment | Janelle Wesloh, MBA, LADC of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Deb Nussbaum, PhD, LCSW of Optum Behavioral Health discuss the levels of care available to provide individualized treatment for those struggling with a SUD. 18:51 Roundtable: Care in the time of COVID | Guests discuss supporting loved ones with substance use disorders and the ways the global pandemic has changed how we approach care. 28:47 Conclusion| Stacey and Callie reflect on the interview and the reasons it gives us to be hopeful—the decreasing stigma associated with seeking help for substance use, virtual treatment options that can improve access to care and expanded educational resources to help individuals and families identify and cope with challenges sooner. 


Learn more about Hazelden Betty Ford’s Virtual Family Program, delivered in a one-day format online, this program is available free to anyone who needs it, no matter where you live.Find information on RecoveryGo, Hazelden Betty Ford's virtual addiction and mental health treatment solution, offering family services, recovery support and community solutionsTo connect with specialists trained in addressing substance use disorders, call the Optum Substance Use Disorder Helpline at 1-855-780-5955. It’s confidential and available 24/7.If you’re experiencing thoughts of suicide or something else that is urgent or an emergency, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).



Janelle Wesloh, MBA, LADC, VP of Clinical Excellence, Innovation, and Recovery Management at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Deb Nussbaum, PhD, LCSW, Senior Director at Optum Behavioral Health


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