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Into the depths of an erupting volcano

Into the depths of an erupting volcano

By Financial Times

As we watch the climate shift before our eyes, this weekend we focus on the awesomeness of nature and how it humbles us. Travel writer Mark Stratton brings us to a live erupting volcano in La Palma, where “the lava flows like honey on a plate”. Columnist Nilanjana Roy introduces us to the prescient books that warned us of a climate crisis 50 years ago. Plus, 1970s interior design is back, baby! Subeditor Cherish Rufus defines the aesthetic, and defends its revival.

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Links from the episode:

—Mark Stratton on volcano tourism: 

—Nilanjana Roy on what 1971 climate writing can teach us today:

—Cherish Rufus on 1970s design: 

—The Love Your Mother poster: 

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