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True Crime & Cocktails Teaser

True Crime & Cocktails Teaser

By Art19

Lauren currently stars in NBC's Superstore as well as She-Ra & the Princesses of Power. And Christy? Well, you don’t know her yet but trust us, after one episode, you're not gonna want to remember a time where you weren't listening to these two deep dive into all things true crime. They're basically the bffs you've always wanted.

It's also important to mention that season 1 of True Crime and Cocktails is an UNSOLVED MYSTERIES EDITION! Christy's impeccable research skills bring you new details about every episode of the new Netflix Unsolved Mysteries series.

Recorded at night, it's a true crime slumber party! So put on some pjs, pour yourself a drink and join Lauren and Christy as they break down true crime...and get a little buzz on while they do it.


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