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Episode 480 | "Trauma Bonding"

Episode 480 | "Trauma Bonding"

By The Joe Budden Network

Joe kicks things off by explaining to Ice and Ish the lifestyle changes that are required when taking the pod on the road and flirts with the idea of a JBP Tour (15:00). Adele's made her return to music with a new single and the guys react (29:00). Summer Walker also releases her first single (38:35), which worries Ice as he feels she's going in a different direction musically from her previous album (45:00). The trend of Hip Hop's biggest acts dropping music continues as Young Thug released a new album (54:10), Gucci Mane's impact on Atlanta artists (1:05:30), and Lil Durk says he's "PISSED OFF" in his latest song (1:13:50). Kyrie Irving's decision to not get vaccinated has caused an uproar in sports media (1:25:55), the crew deep dives into conspiracies regarding the government enforcing human microchips on citizens (1:54:15), Netflix employees boycotting the streaming service due to Dave Chappelle (2:10:30) and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | RINI - “Over Some Wine” (Ft. Maeta)

Ice | Payroll Giovanni - “Hustle Muzik 4”

Parks | Young Thug - “Day Before” (Ft. Mac Miller)

Ish | Lil Durk - “Pissed Me Off”

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