Why Are All Eyes on the Virginia Governor’s Race?

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By The New York Times

Why Are All Eyes on the Virginia Governor’s Race?

Monday, 18 October

In 2020, Virginia epitomized the way in which Democrats took the White House and Congress — by turning moderate and swing counties.

But President Biden’s poll numbers have been waning, and in the coming race for governor, Republicans see an opportunity.

Guest: Lisa Lerer, a national political correspondent for The New York Times. 

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Background reading: 

Republicans in Virginia are saying what their nominee for governor, Glenn Youngkin, will not: The governor’s race is a proxy for Donald Trump’s grievances.Though Virginia is getting bluer, the former governor Terry McAuliffe is straining to motivate Democratic voters for his comeback attempt.After months of closed classrooms and lost learning time, Republicans are making schools the focus of their final push.

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