ICYMI - Episode 060 | RAHHBERRY (OOH Classics)

ICYMI - Episode 060 | RAHHBERRY (OOH Classics)

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Wednesday, 20 October

This week's Throwback Thursday is to an episode that will go down in Out of Home folklore. The birth of RAHBERRY, the now infamous fruit flavoured vodka.

A loose-lipped Kieran coins the phrase and is joined by Wild-Tongue Wilson and Steamboat Steven whilst AIR Yaf racked up mileage to The Caribbean. The crew as ever are in great form, discussing topics from rice to reasoning about the year gone by. This episode was originally released December 2020.

- WMYS – What Made You Smile, the popular segment returns (8:57) 

- Steven recaps some cold war jollof rice tactics from Kwame (14:03)

- Kieran introduces the topic of humans having to constantly self-reflect in 2020 (56:44)

- The group discuss the demons they slayed in this calendar year (63:02)

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